Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Smartphone that last and last

Phonebloks is about to design a smartphone that will last for ever. It is a smartphone idea which seeks to cater the problem of global electronic waste (e-waste). Dave Hakkens came up with this idea which has been widely endorsed by celebrities and many other important people.

Digital wearables

Most people feel anxious when their smartphone is out of arm's reach. But what if it was actually on your arm, woven into the very fabric of your sweater? Sportswear designers Under Armour are already on the case. They recently unveiled their touchscreen t-shirt concept, Armour39, which measures your athletic performance.<!-- -->
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</br>It's just one recent example of how design, technology and science are coming together to form a new generation of consumer products that look set to shape the future.

Under Armour Sportswear designers are working on a virtual smart phone woven into the favric of your sweater.

3D Printers

The sophisticated 3D printing tool “CubeX Duo” it is designed to be used at home by everyday users