Software Development. We develop applications for our clients to meet their specific business needs. This in turn accelerates their business processes helping our clients to carry out business tasks with ease, speed and precision.

Web Design. We also develop web portals to give our clients a competitive edge in our rapidly changing world.

Web Hosting. We don't just stop at web development, we host your websites on fast and reliable servers. Skylight Technologies host your websites on a secure server that protects your data against fires,flood,hackers or even alien invasion.

Seo Promotion. Search Engine Optimization helps your website to be found when online customers search for products and services. We aim at making your website the first page of search engines.

Training. Our team which is comprised of highly trained professionals, work hand in hand to offer first class training in various areas. Skylight Technologies believes that giving our client the right customized training would go a long way in boosting business output. For further information about these services you can reach on

Consultancy. We provide consultancy services for our clients and are excited to hear from you, whether it be web consultancy, web design or software development.