Thursday, 1 August 2013

fun robots

Kuratas, a 13 foot tall mecha robot inspired by Japanese animation, was unveiled to much f...
This is one of those projects that, while not necessarily a true robot, still warrants an entry on the list. It's not every day that you see a real-life working giant robot inspired by those seen in Japanese animated TV shows and video games. The Kuratas is mainly an art project, but it does contain its share of real robotics technology, such as its V-Sido (pronounced like "Bushido") software – that can be used to program and control hobby robots. And it can be yours – all 9,900 lbs (4,490 kg) of it – if you've got US$1.5 million dollars to spare.
There you have it – just a sampling of the memorable robot stories of 2012. If we missed some of your top picks, please let us know in the comments!