Monday, 30 March 2015

Guardium: Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Guardium is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by Israeli Aerospace industry It was designed for many applications that might be inconvenient or dangerous or impossible for a human operator. They have a set of sensors to observe their environment and make decisions autonomously and make decisions and pass information to a human operator in a different location who can control the vehicle through teleoperation.

It is used by the Israeli forces to guard against invaders along Gaza's borders. Guardium can be either be tele-operated or autonomously controlled It is the size of a Jeep J8 and is equipped with highly sensitive microphones, visible sensors, radars and infrared cameras.

The main purpose of Guardium is for surveillance, but you can not rule out the possibility of an attack, so the machine is equipped with both lethal and non lethal weapons for its protection. It uses its cameras to navigate the Gaza border and has inbuilt maps that guides it.

Guardium has some backup batteries just in case it runs out of power or if it needs to run for 24 hours non-stop. Its build int microphone are very sensitive and pick up sounds difficult for the human ears to hear. It also has speakers that can talk to people and respond to them just like a human. 

With its 1.2 gears and the most advanced technology, Guardium is the most effective patrol vehicle used by the Israel Defense Force to operate as part of  the border security operation since it can work and endure any weather and terrain.