Friday, 6 June 2014

soccket energy ball

The world cup is just around the corner and this reminds me of the game that brings Nations together to play soccer. Yeah, soccer. Talking about soccer, there is a soccer ball called soccket which is an enery source. When kicked for about 30 or more minutes, this ball comes alive. If played for about 16 hours you get 72 hours of battery life. The kinetic energy is converted to hours' of electricity. This can power a cell phone in places like Africa where there is little or no power supply. In my mind, I think it would be lovely to have lots of those balls in a soccer field and a team of soccer players keep kicking the balls to life. It can serve as an alternative source of power in remote villages and countries with unrelaible power supply.

The  ball was designed by Uncharted Play, by two harvard students Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, (founders of Uncharted Play in 2008) and has been tested in US, Mexico, Brazil and some African countries with celebrities like Bill Gate and Ashton Kutcher taking delight in the kickstrter campaign. Even US President Obama gave it a header.

Matthews was quoted as saying:
"There are hopes of expanding to other sports, such as basketball. People across the globe may soon find themselves powering their homes by doing something as delightful and simple as playing a game"