Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Transforming Robot

Many of you might have watched the movie "Transformers", the franchise is now in its fourth installment, Transformers Four: Age of Extinction, starring Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci. Until now, the transformer has only been a fictitious story, A team of hobbyists from Japan built a transformer (robot) it can walk and when in sports car state, drive around autonomously. They named it the "J-deite Quarter" It is actually four feet tall.

The team which comprises of Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec started working on the project since 2012 and they hope to build a bigger transformer that is eight feet tall.

Here is a specifications for more detailed information about "J-deite Quarter ":

Height in robot mode/length in vehicle mode: 1.3 m,
weight: 35 kg, maximum battery power: 3 kw,
operating time: 1 hour, number of seats: 2,
controlled by V-Sido OS.
Power source: servo motor manufactured byFutaba Corp.[Robot Mode SPEC]
Maximum walking speed: 1 km/h, gripping weight: 0.1 kg.[Vehicle Mode SPEC]
Maximum traveling speed: 10km/h, minimum road clearance: 40 mm.

I personally think that this Transformer will be more entertaining than be able to solve a problem like robots do. I also commend this great job. Keep up the good work!