Saturday, 28 September 2013

'Control-Alt-Delete' Is Nothing Compared to These 4 Microsoft Disasters

Control Alt Delete is a feature on most windows systems to either lock your computer, log off, end a task, switch user  or change your  password. The Microsoft founder Bill Gates admits that this triple key login was a mistake.

“We could have had a single button. But the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't want to give us our single button," Gates said during a Q & A session to launch a Harvard University fund-raising campaign. 

Engineer David Bradley, a designer on early IBM computers, said he invented the triple key  as a shortcut during development.
"I originally intended for it to be what we would now call an Easter egg -- just something we were using in development and it wouldn't be available elsewhere," Bradley said while appearing on a 2011 panel that included Gates. "But then (software publishers) found out about it. They were trying to figure out how to tell somebody to start up one of their programs, and they had the answer. Just put the diskette in, hit Control-Alt-Delete, and by magic your program starts."

Well there were certain mistakes that Gates hasn’t publicly confessed to be mistakes. I have them listed as:

#1. Clipy (The office Assistant)
I remember in 2000, there was this feature of an office assistant called Clipy that could help you , giving you assistance while you work on word or prepare a slid. In 2001, we all said good bye to Clipy as his services were no longer needed.

#2. Screen Dump (Blue Screen)
This happen when there is an error in your system, you get an annoying blue screen which makes you believe that your system has probably  crashed. But each time a blue screen occurred, Microsoft creates a file that saves information about the crash to your disk. Chances are your old computer had a lot of these files.

#3. Windows Vista
Windows vista was launched in 2007 after five years of development to replace the retiring Windows XP, but as we see Windows Vista had a lot of issues to contend with. It was slow and a lot of apps were not compatible with the operating system, it had poor driver support and was expensive.

#4. Internet Explorer (IE).
As I type this blog, I am currently using  google chrome which has been my first choice companion, I have long forgotten internet explorer and I guess a lot of you have. IE became the browser that many people used to download the browser the wanted to use. Other browsers that were created in later years I must say are much customizable, user friendly and faster like Safari (2003), Mozilla (2004), and Google Chrome (2008)