Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ThyssenKrup straight stairlift

Spark was commissioned by ThyssenKrup to develop the new Levant straight stairlift. In close collaboration with designers from ThyssenKrupp, Spark has been able to come up with a really well thought out design that opens up a global market.
The design team achieved significant savings on the production costs by drastically reducing the number of components and making use of mass production techniques. For instance, all the exterior parts are plastic. Producing these parts in sufficient numbers delivers big cost savings. A similar specialist product can only achieve these kinds of returns through global sales.
To be able to put the Stairlift on the worldwide market, the design had to conform to a wide range of very specific standards and requirements. These vary considerably just between Europe and the United States, where there are different requirements that are in certain respects almost contradictory.