Tuesday, 16 July 2013

delipresso expresso machine

Spark and Veromatic have combined traditional espresso-making with an appealing design to create the Delispresso - an attractive and user-friendly espresso machine for the professional market. The eye-catching glass front curves (or bows) gracefully outwards and has LED lighting, which, in every possible color  subtly and chicly decorates the background. The illuminated screen can be adapted with a image that suits the house-style of the purchaser. Simple and safe to use Usability is paramount. The coffee, made from freshly-ground beans, flows in a variety of combinations with milk, sugar and cocoa from the specially developed Veromatic brewer. 

Strength, taste and quantity are set intuitively via the bilingual touch screen. Sensors under two spouts ensure that, after the beverage choice has been made, the cup is put in the right place. If misplaced, a graphic indicator appears on the touch screen, which also flashes an LED signal above the correct dispensing position. This technology is not only convenient, it also prevents waste and injury. The latter may occur if a user holds the cup while the hot coffee or tea flows out of the spout. Waste is also eliminated because the height of the spouts is automatically adjusted to the chosen beverage.