Thursday, 11 July 2013

Adele robot fiona

Do you miss a smiling face saying hi! when you get home? Are you cooking the best of recipes but you forgot an ingredient and your hands are too dirty to look it up in Google? No one tells you to get your coat when you are leaving home and it is cold outside? Fiona does all these things for you and many more!!

We want to hear your voice

We love co-creating, we want your essence in every Fiona device. We have thought of different uses for Fiona and we would like you to rate them. Drop us your list in the comment section and also share your new ideas with all of us! You will need to back with $1 to make your voice heard.
What would you love Fiona to do?
  • Games for stimulating children's development
  • Tell you the weather forecast
  • Control you home automation system
  • Check the traffic when you need to take your car
  • Be a storyteller for your children
  • Tell you the stock market news
  • Make calls
  • Read the tweets on your Twitter
  • Work as an alarm clock
  • Read the headlines of your favorite news papers
  • Tell you the appointments on your agenda
  • Play your favorite music
Share your thoughts with us! And now continue reading to know more about Fiona!

Always on, use your voice to interact with your world.

FIONA lets you interact with your home and connected devices through your voice. Using natural voice commands you can keep your hands free and control the things in your home by speaking to them.
FIONA is your virtual personal assistant for your home
Imagine a world where your electronics are an extension of your senses. Use your voice to interact with your world and simplify daily tasks. We are connecting FIONA to the top home automation systems, plugging it into your wifi devices and building an open infrastructure to make FIONA smarter everyday.
FIONA is built on an open source artificial intelligence platform which allows anyone to build new interactions, voice commands and connections to other devices. Developers and designers everywhere can help make FIONA smarter!

Your voice has never been this powerful

FIONA lets you talk to the world around you and the world responds directly to your voice. By connecting FIONA to your home and wifi devices you can keep your hands free and just ASK for simple tasks to be completed.
  • Make your life easier by asking FIONA to open the garage door and turn off the lights in the house as you leave without lifting a finger.
  • Keep your day on track by asking FIONA to read your schedule while you make breakfast and drink a cup of coffee that you asked FIONA to brew while you were in the shower.
  • Save precious time by asking FIONA to turn on the oven and call a friend to ask for their cooking advice, without setting down your knife or burning the garlic.
  • Live a hands-free life by asking FIONA to transcribe and send emails, text messages, or even tweets without picking up your phone, turning on your computer or stopping whatever you are already doing. Just ask FIONA.
This project is still a working progress, to learn more connect with Adele Robot