Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Convert an existing form into a fillable PDF form

Easily convert forms to fillable PDF forms from paper or existing electronic files, such as Microsoft Word files. Automatically recognize and convert static fields to fillable ones with a form wizard.

1. At the top right in Acrobat, click the Tools pane. 

2. Open the Forms panel. Click Create.

3. Select Existing Document and click Next. 

4. Choose one of the following options.

Use the current document or choose another file

• If using a different document, browse to the file and click Continue.

Scan a paper form and convert it into a PDF fill-able form

• Click Continue. Select the scanner and a color mode. Follow the instructions for your scanner to scan the form.

• After each page,Acrobat asks if the scan is complete or if you need to scan more pages.

5. Acrobat analyzes the document and adds interactive form fields. Inspect the form fields list in the Fields panel. You use the form names when collecting and analyzing data, so make sure that each name is unique and descriptive. To change a field name, double click and type the desired name in the General tab. Click close.

6. To edit fields, select the field and click Edit Fields in the Tasks panel. You can also add fields.

7. At the top of the Forms Editing toolbar, click Preview (This button toggles between Edit and Preview.) to display the form as a recipient will see it and to test form behavior. 

To return to editing mode, click Edit.

8. When finished, at the top right in Acrobat, click the Close Form Editing button. Save your PDF form.

Tip: To learn how to create a form from scratch or template, see Create a form from scratch or a template in Acrobat XI Pro.

Tip: To distribute your form and analyze responses, see Distribute PDF forms and analyze responses